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Case Studies

Epes Freight Management Services (EFMS) has a proven track record of creating value for its customers. Listed below are just a few highlighted credentials which illustrate this history of success:

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A multi-billion dollar international agribusiness needed to reverse its logistics for a product recall. EFMS designed a web-based solution via EPESolutions, a transportation management software package, which automated the data input, categorization and routing of inbound shipments. By utilizing this technology, the company gained centralized control of a sizable project without the addition of any administrative staff.

A leading OEM and custom contract manufacturer of medical and industrial products retained EFMS to evaluate their transportation program and take the lead on negotiating their freight rates. By leveraging EFMS’ relationships with the customer’s carriers, and by modifying existing rate bases and fuel surcharge scales, EFMS helped the customer realize an 18% reduction in freight expense.

The Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security retained EFMS to streamline freight handling and logistics for various U.S. military bases.EFMS provided services in purchase order management, freight bill auditing and freight bill payment. Through the creation of a secured website and the use of customized EPESolutions programming, multiple vendors were able to remotely input their orders into a centralized database, which increased order accuracy/visibility and reduced administrative staffing requirements.

A fortune 500 company engaged EFMS to oversee the orderly shutdown of underperforming retail stores. EFMS provided services in packing, shipping and warehousing product removed from these discontinued locations. EFMS assigned experienced on-site project managers to individual stores to maximize protection for the customer’s fragile and high value inventory. As a result of this commitment of resources and specialized expertise, the customer selected EFMS as the exclusive vendor of choice for future engagements.

One of the largest furniture companies in America engaged EFMS to develop a technology based solution to reduce their transportation expense.By customizing EPESolutions software to the customer’s specific needs, EFMS developed a pre-manufacture load optimization and combination plan, which enabled the customer to maximize trailer space and gain greater visibility of their true transportation costs. The net result of this program was a 5% reduction in freight costs.

A 113 location discount department store chain engaged EFMS to reorganize and simplify their transportation program. EFMS provided improvement recommendations to the customer’s purchase order management, freight bill audit, freight bill payment, inbound delivery scheduling and fleet backhaul management processes. By outsourcing these services, the customer saved costs (by controlling staffing needs) and enhanced profitability (by identifying freight to fill otherwise empty backhaul miles).